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9 Keys to  Parenting Your Teen~ one  Session
9 Keys to Parenting Your Teen~ one Session

9 Keys to Parenting Your Teen~ one Session

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  9 Keys to Parenting Your Teen        
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Need better communication with your Teen?

   Has respect for parents left the household?
    Have peers taken over your child's attention?

Adolescence is a fascinating stage of life!
What a refreshing viewpoint if you are in the midst of parenting teens right now or will be parenting in the next few years.
 This series will help support parents at any point in their life even if they aren't rearing teens yet but plan to.
By clearing your own issues regarding control, patience, attachment, respect, communication, boundaries... the list goes on...
you will be in a better position to help support and keep the love alive between yourself and your teen.

Empower yourself with tools to gain patience, communication,
understanding, and restore attachment and respect in your home. 
This series will help you as a parent in navigating the ride of the teen years.

9 session series done by proxy (what is proxy? See below)

The following are weekly topics addressed:

         Opening Yourself to Loving and Accepting your Teen

         Clearing YOUR own Teen Years

         Understanding the Adolescent World

         Setting the Rules of Play

           Teen Decisions~Are their brains ready for logic?

         Maintaining Conscious Attachment and Connection

         Intuitive Discipline

         Loving Limits, Supportive Structures Equals Responsibility

         Support for Yourself


Remember, this is for you as a parent or guardian to clear Your resonance with your own patterns from your own teen years.


Clearing your resonance will open the door for respect, better communication, and more love in the home.

Proxy sessions are a wonderful way to experience healing via long distance. 
It allows you to go about your business while the session is happening. 
According to new physics, we are all pulsating frequencies and therefore
are able to tap into those frequencies that inhibit us from experiencing
higher levels of awareness.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. "
-Max Planck

Join this series and feel the benefits of clearing your own patterns
that inhibit parent-child communication.

  $510.00 for entire series or you can register per class for $65.00


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