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School Work Groove - Series2017

School Work Groove - Series2017

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Plan for your child\'s schooling in the upcoming schoolyear of 2017-18
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Getting into The Schoolwork Groove
With Resonance Repatterning®

Does the new school year present transition issues for your child?
Does it bring up fears of doing homework, a slowness to prepare for tests,
worries about fitting in or not fitting in with cliques,
or just way too much avoidance of school for the love of tv and texting?

As parents, you know they experience these things and you worry ‘when will they get into that groove?’ Often it’s after the first report card when your child knows and you know that something isn’t working right. What to do? Get support for all of your child’s school issues from the Schoolwork Groove series! Sign up for the school year so your child will do well with friends, get the homework done on time, improve test preparation and grades, improve sports performance, or feel confident in music or theatre auditions. Maybe even enjoy reading and solving math equations!
Series Cost: $260.00
Support your child in this long distance series!

 Only $26.00 per month per household (no matter how many children) 
Repatternings are done twice a month from September through June.

Full series: $260.00 Begins the week of September 4th, 2017
That’s 20 repatternings!

This is a long distance healing opportunity whereby you submit your issues and intentions regarding test dates, friendships, project timelines, preparation for college or work, even just for focus and motivation for schoolwork! Whatever is going on with your child and blocking them from engaging in their schoolwork.

All submissions are confidential. Proxy work allows you to go about your business while the repatterning is done by long distance. Brief notes or acknowledgement that the session was completed will be emailed to you.

 Resonance Repatterning helps to clear blocks to focusing so that your child can experience increased awareness, self-esteem, and motivation…all good things kids need these days.

Let’s get your child repatterned for success this school year!. Whether it is the jump from grammer school to middle school, the leap from 8th grade to High School or… Whoaa…the big transition step into college, this series will surely support your child no matter what grade they are in.


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