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Basic SRT class ONLINE
Basic SRT class ONLINE

Basic SRT class ONLINE

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Learn Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) in a supportive and informative environment. SRT is a transformational system created to release discordant energy that limits one's potential for joy, prosperity, abundance and love. Tapping into the Conscious and Unconscious minds through dowsing, participants are able to strengthen their mind-body-heart-spirit connection. This system can quickly assess unconscious beliefs and resistances; release limiting beliefs and blocked emotions; and reduce symptoms such as stress, anxiety, anger, trauma, guilt, shame, and depression. 

Students who learn SRT come to find out what theme or challenges they have to overcome in this lifetime. 

SRT helps to identify these challenges and clear them. 

By clearing the person’s soul path of  giant boulders, blocks, programs and old stories, 

SRT practitioners are able to connect with their Light and their Divine Right to Co-create with Spirit in this lifetime. 

SRT puts you back in sync with your destiny!

In this class you will receive the Basic set of charts.
Students need to purchase the book by Robert Detzler, The Freedom Path and have a pendulum.

  2023 Online Classes:

Most Class times: 9am-5pm
Eastern Standard Time

Basic SRT will be scheduled for 2023

Adv SRT (online) and Spiritual Restructuring class (in persone) are scheduled for 2022
See those course offerings

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