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nurturing the eternal common thread of your soul's purpose

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Essence Restoration

Essence Restoration

Vibrating with your essence by clearing your chakras

 Do you ever feel like you canít figure out what is troubling you?

Why relationships fail all the time?

Why you canít receive love and affection from someone?

Well, perhaps itís because of unresolved trauma that you may or may not be aware of from your childhood.

Releasing memories that are stored in your body, your chakras, and your soul record will begin a healing process you have never experienced before.

Even if you are not aware of having experienced trauma as a child, clearings with the intention of restoring your intimate connection with Source will profoundly change who you are today. Join Karen to experience a loving process to heal your body, mind and soul.

The sessions will focus on healing your different vibratory states such as your glands, your Central Nervous system, as well as your subtle energy bodies. These areas all need support on the physical level, emotional, mental, and spirit levels. When past events and developmental trauma occurs it gets stored in the various levels of the body. Often these events occurred when very young and non-verbal. Thus, the use of energetic healing vibrations will help the body heal and shift into more fluid resonance healthier and higher vibrational frequenices. Vibrational support such as sound, essential oils, color scarves and light, breath techniques, Resonance Repatterning, Spiritual Response Technique, and other healing methodology that supports the healthy vibration of the sacred/sexual chakras. 

              Take the leap of faith and restore you~the essence of who you are.

 Sessions can be on the phone, skype or in person and the number of sessions needed depends on you. It is suggested you consider doing three 90 minute sessions to begin your process.

Watch for this offering for group healing!

nurturing the eternal common thread of your soul's purpose