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Getting Ready for the Holidays 2022

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Ready for the Holidays?
3 Sessions: November, and 2 in December
All sessions are done via long distance

What's the difference between Stress and Distress?
Well, stress actually can be positive or negative. Depending on the situation. For instance, Stress related to planning for an exam (-) so you can graduate (+) is one way to view it as positive. But, the debilitating of the two, when Stress leads to negative outcomes or symptoms such as binging (on whatever: sugar, alcohol, cigarettes), migraines, back pain and the like. But, we can have better holiday time being with our families (sometimes our biggest stressors!) by clearing for this time to be together. More and more it seems to me that quality family time is becoming more and more of a sacred opportunity to be together. Here's an opportunity to experience 3 sessions before the New Year begins to create change in your family system.
And we can't neglect to mention the stress of CoVid-19 will have on family time this year. Talk about stress! And how it will impact seasonal celebrations.

 Letís intend the best Holiday ever with ReDivining The Matrix®, Resonance Repatterning® combined with Family Constellations Systems The holidays can be such a stressor for all family members. While we may want to joyfully celebrate with friends or family, each of us have unresolved issues in our family systems that inhibit us from fully enjoying the season. Often, these issues began generations before us and they show up as limiting beliefs, or as repetitive behaviors that donít lead anywhere, or come in the form of self-sabotage programs such as addictions, illness, and unfulfilled love. 
Constellating means to give someone or something a place in the system. This can be in the family system or inside your own internal body/mind system. Constellating or fusing a symbol such as Ďthe best Holiday everí into your body/mind system can have profound and far reaching effects into your unconscious mind and thus, into your relationships and experience of the season. Combined with Resonance Repatterning, you will clear your resonance with the unconscious blocks and move into a more joyful position of open-heartedness and love! What better gift to embrace at this time of year.

  Let's Resonate with the best Holiday intentions!

There will be three sessions for this series. Each session will be done via long distance and notes of each session will be sent out within a few days of each session.
Once registered, and as we get closer to the holidays, a link will be provided for submissions of your issues and intentions. All submissions are confidential.
Sessions will be November and December (dates to be determined)

REgister early
I've offered this series of Holiday cheer for the last 16 years and its always been a big hit with clients who are amazed at how their family events are different. I remember some reporting how conversations flowed better. People seemed to be genuinely more connected with each other and even getting to flights or whatever transportation all went smoothly. What a great treat!
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