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Transformational Tools

All services will empower you by releasing obstacles interfering with your joy and prosperity.
All the services provided through the Windsor Holistic Health Services program can be done in person or by long distance. Contact Karen Kent for more information and any questions you may have regarding any of the services offered here.




 ReDivining The Matrix®
A dowsing system of healing that weaves science and spirituality for restoration and enhancement of our sexuality. Through the ages, art has told us that the cosmos is in us and we are reflected in the cosmos. Think of Leonardo’s Vitruvian Man who can be seen in Western Medicine’s depiction of healing. The Vitruvian Man helps us to understand how we are connected internally and externally with the world by bridging  our bodies into one wholesome image. ReDivining The Matrix empowers you to understand and heal that bridge between the metaphysical (the Divine) and your physical body so you are in alignment with your soul purpose and in sync with the greater whole.

Resonance Repatterning®

Resonance Repatterning® draws from a few Ancient systems throughout the world such as the Chakra system from Ayurvedic tradition and the Chinese 5 Elements and Meridians. In addition, it also weaves in Psychology, Chaos theory from Physics, and Kinesiology which is a muscle-checking system that assesses the client's flow of energy within the body. Through muscle-checking, the practitioner can assess an individual's resonance with coherent or non-coherent beliefs or behaviors. Using Kinesiology to identify possible non-coherent beliefs such as lack of self-worth, fear, and depression we are afforded opportunities to change and enhance our well-being by shifting into a new order which is always a part of that particular chaos. 

Spiritual Response Technique Consultant

Over many lifetimes, the soul can pick up blocks or discordant energy and this system releases those programs that can impact our health, relationships and overall well-being. Each clearing will research the subconscious mind so you can experience life more freely on many levels including the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The tools for this system include the use of a pendulum and charts. 

Spiritual Response Technique Teacher

Karen teaches the 3 day Basic SRT class and the 3 day Advanced SRT class. Review classes are available as well. Classes are taught locally in New Jersey and any other state. Students become adept at connecting with Spirit and their High Selves through the use of a pendulum and charts to do the clearing work.


Spiritual Restructuring

While using the Spiritual Response Technique system for clearing soul record energies, this system brings 'together the spiritual and physical aspects in a holistic healing system. involves each person's three major aspects of life: body, Soul, and Spirit.' (adapted from Robert Detzler, founder of Spiritual Response Technique and Spiritual Restructuring). Karen teaches this 5-7 day class locally in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Holistic Health Counseling

A nutritional program whereby the client discovers the most nutritional sources feeding them: the Primary foods. These non-plate food items include: healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a desired career, and a spiritual practice. Along with eating healthy choices, all of these satisfy and fulfill our hunger for living. Recipes and fun incentives are given out during the program for encouragement and support. See Karen's nutrition website from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for more information about this program: Or, visit

Business Support

Clearing blocks to prosperity and abundance can support individuals and management to manifest productivity and sales. Other ideas to consider are: do you resonate with financial success or happy and successful employees? And, sometimes the building or physical office space needs clearing work to increase morale and productivity. Many possibilities to consider when setting up the office environment.