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All this and much more I AM

This is the cadillac of all my products. It is a one year commitment to your journey. All I do is support you and facilitate your inner growth and personal self-discovery to become I AM.
According to SRT, the 'I AM is an expression of the one great I AM THAT I AM, which is both movement and completion.
There is power in the term I AM.
when you proclaim, "I am sick", the creative energy of SPIRIT is involved which can then maintain and magnify the illness. I AM is the name of God and whatever you speak and attach to the name of God gives it power.'
We all have the desire to become the perfect expression of SPIRIT.

How can I help you do that?
We begin this series with an introduction session. Then 3 weeks later the monthly sessions begin. Not all sessions will be done in person or on the phone. We will meet when we are guided to meet together.

This series is transformative and will make you look at your life in ways that you have never done before. Are you ready to release what has been holding back your soul's purpose lifetime after lifetime?

Consider this step on the journey you have been waiting to step into.
Consider this commitment as your key to the answers to what has been limiting
you and your true expression.
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