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Just For Kids Summer Learning Camp

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Just For Kids Summer Learning Camp
Just For Kids Summer Learning Camp
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Summer 2023
3 weeks/3 sessions

Join us next year!

TBA but usually done in July and August

A brief but intense long distance program for children in school...oh, yes, those big kids who may be in college! This program will support any child in the home who is in school. While I offer a school year length program, this will focus on the brain and body and chakras and vibration of being attentive from a more phyisological level. Schoolwork Groove focuses more on a child's self-esteem, homework and Executive Function issues such as deadlines, reading, spelling and arithmatic. This series will work more deeply on the meridians, chakras, brain waves, and other subtle energy levels to anchor in coordination of the muscles, integration of information, and feeling at home in the body...yes, more focus on the body and brain.

You know how our children (and maybe this happened to us when we were young) go through awkward and gawky stages? Like the feet are too big for the body? Ears too big (I was called Big Ears for awhile). Even Left or Right-handedness can be awkward as the brain and body shift for the coordination of the hand and brain to tune together. Often a growth spurt can cause adjustment transitions and awkwardness for the child till the body falls into sync again and a pattern and rhythm returns.

This mini-series is different than the School Work Groove in that space is limited and registration is per child. An additional fee of $65 can be arranged for other children in the family. The focus of this series is to work more deeply with each individual child even though all the work is done long distance.

This brief 3 week series will include 3 long distance sessions. Once registered, a brief questionaire will be sent out for submissions. The submissions are all confidential and afterwards, notes will be sent out after the 2nd session and then after the 3rd session. There will be two opportunities for homework...very simple drawings for the child to draw. 

Summer feels like the best time to do some deep work like this while the kids are not in school. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you and how I can support your child.
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