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New Possiblities

New Possibilities

I like to think of each session as being a New Possibility for raising your vibrational level, coherence, resonance and can't forget to mention self-esteem, confidence, and self-love.

While I love working with people in my office, our work together can be amazing either on the phone together or just by your permission to provide services via long distance. Group work can be done as one person can proxy or stand-in as a representative for the group energy.

I use many modalities to support change in your journey. Modalities such as tuning forks, essential oils, Spiritual Response Technique, Resonance Repatterning®, Spiritual Restructuring, color, breathwork, movement, sound…there are so many possibilities but the right one will be guided by your system as your system knows what it needs.

Here are just some of the possibilities that clients seek in their journey that support many aspects and levels of their lives:

Physical level:

Allergy clearings and other health related issues~Using any of the techniques, clearings can have a positive effect on all levels including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Contact Karen for details regarding your specific concerns.  


Stuck in relationships? Have you hit a plateau in some of the most important relationships in your life? How about your relationship with yourself?

Family conflicts and disharmony? Whether you are a parent, a child, or a sibling, our disharmonious family relationships can be the most distressful.

Seem to repeat the same 'ole patterns in relationships and jobs? We all know we want life to be better but we repeat the same patterns and can't seem to get our way out and create new opportunities.


Are you feeling stuck in your career path and not doing what your heart really wants to do? Sometimes there are opportunities and new possibilities just waiting to manifest but we can't see them.

Work environment 'congested' and lacks 'flow'? Often there are systems that impede our work flow and checking into the dynamics at play can open up new ways of conducting business.

Sales and productivity down? Clearing blocks to prosperity for individual employees or management can open up possibilities for growth, expansion, and productivity.


All personal journeys involve getting re-connected with our inner Selves, our inner Beings, our inner Guidance. As Brian Weiss says "We are Spiritual Beings living in a physical body and world." Clearing blocks to our spirituality and learning how to connect with our High Selves has a ripple effect in everything we do.