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Nun Karma Repatterning
Nun Karma Repatterning

Nun Karma Repatterning

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Release lifetimes of limiting solemn vows made as nuns and monks! Renunciate and rejoice and be free from vows made to limit your creative self-expression. Vows made such as to live in poverty or to live without material goods will be identified. And let's clear other ways in which we diminish our Light by clearing vows relating to celibacy, silence, martydom, or service. 
Release these old old limitations that do not serve you anymore!

Consider this focused repatterning for releasing old limiting vows that continue to hold you back in your relationships and career. This repatterning will combine the system ReDivining The Matrix! We'll meet twice in January over the platform Zoom. All you need is a camera on your computer! More to come on this wonderful opportunity to open up your creative juices and begin the new year with a bang! Or a ring of the church bells....or gong...or Tingsha Mantra Chimes!

Two sessions:
January 18th and January 25th