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Projects for 2022~ A Group event

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Projects for 2022~ A Group event
Projects for 2022~ A Group event
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Before you read further,,,,this project is postponed for now....will reschedule in a few months.
Let me know if you are intersested in this program later this year!

What’s exciting for you in the next year? 
Any project or relationship wanting to emerge that you’ve been working on and your’re like….uh, yeah…. 
Well, let’s get this going!!!

 I love the word ‘project’. 
In the healing system called Jin Shin Jyutsu, Mary Burmeister says that when someone has a disease or illness such as cancer or a broken bone for example, the issues are referred to as ‘projects’. So you may have a cancer project in your breast, a broken leg project to work on, a sore arm project…whatever. Jin Shin Jyutsu looks at the whole body when healing disease and illness. If you think about it, there are many variables or other systems that need support in your life, your body, your relationships (including money also!) in order to heal or manifest. 

 Now, in terms of this ‘2022 Project’, think about what all needs to come together (or cleared) in order for you to manifest your project? 
Maybe it’s your health issue, a relationship issue, no money to promote something, no ideas on what to create!
 Many reasons that all affect us in our attempt to manifest what we desire and plan to create.

 I googled some characteristics about projects (the thing/s we want to create) and found some criteria that helps to specify or arrange and organize clearing for this series.
 · Projects are unique. Projects are temporary in nature and have a definite beginning and ending date. Projects are completed when the project goals are achieved or it's determined the project is no longer viable. 

· 5 characteristics of a project
1) The Project must be specific
2) Measurable
A clearly defined project must be measurable in terms of its benefits and achievements. 
3) Achievable. A project will only be meaningful if it is achievable
 4) Relevant. The project needs to bring relevant benefits to you. 
5) Time bound. When do you expect to achieve your goal?

There will be 3 sessions for this series that are all designed to clear any blocks you have for fulfilling your project/s for 2022.
 Dates for the series:
 Saturday, January 29th, 2022 9:30am-12:30pm (15 minute break) Zoom 
Saturday, February 5th (clearing done remotely) 
Saturday, March 12th 9:30am-10:45am Zoom

 (all times are Eastern Standard Times) 

Is it Time for New Beginnings?

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