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ReDivining The Matrix~ Level One Training ONLINE

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ReDivining The Matrix~ Level One Training ONLINE
ReDivining The Matrix
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Restoring PsychoSpiritual and PsychoSexual Well-Being

We are both Spiritual and Sexual Beings. ReDivining The Matrix will heigthen the consciousness of creativity that gets externalized through the second chakra. This chakra is also known as our manifester chakra, the creative force chakra, or visceral chakra. That is, it is the main portal of consciousness through which the five senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching) create perceptions of the world.

By dowsing and using the charts in this training, students will learn how to clear themselves and others. This course is a wonderful asset to use if you are a healer, a therapist, or for perhaps just to clear for yourself. It's been used for healing in various ways such as people's blocks to expression (physical, sexual, emotional), blocks in businesses, blocks in relationships, blocks to feeling intimate with a partner or with Source. And for some, it has helped to heal Consciously held and Unconsciously held trauma, create boundaries, and restore the Liquid Light known also as Kundalini.

This is a Level One training program for healing the physical and non-physical bodies with the focus on reclaiming our deeply intimate connection with Source.The system identifies areas in our soul experience that need healing and support in order to Re-Connect us with our Divinity. We are made up of various levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. But we are also sexual creatures. How often is our sexual power taken away from us? This can happen in very subtle ways such as sexual shaming or inappropriate touch or in extremely direct ways such as rape or abuse. Any of these inappropriate actions are violations of our boundaries and our trust level. Accessing and clearing using the ReDivining charts will reconnect and re-empower you with your sexual self and Re-Divine your connection with Source.

 Level One includes the initial set of charts. This course introduces you to the system which includes symbols, colors, and sound vibrations for healing the multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves as Incarnated Spiritual Sexual Beings. 

 No Pre-requisite for this course except students need to have a pendulum.
Contact Karen if you would like to have more information about this course and to see if it is a good fit for you at this time in your life or in your practice. 

 All classes are Eastern Standard Time
2022 ONLINE only button:

October 2&3 and 9&10
8am-1pm EST

November 11,12,13
8am-4pm EST

What can you expect in each training?

Karen sets up the trainings and workshops with a sacred integrity for all to feel safe and comfortable. 

Students master the use of a pendulum and the charts per each level of training.

Each day begins with a meditation followed by learning the charts and clearing and discussion.

Separate registration button for the inperson classes (which will be scheduled once inperson classes are safe to be held).

ReDivining The Matrix will be extremely helpful for you as a Divine Being and Healer but also for your clients. It is a stand-alone healing system that will add a new dimension to any other healing systems you are currently using!

Here's what Lisa has to say about her Level One training: 

If I did not thank you enough for the Divine Matrix let me do so now.  After the training, I had a session from one of my practitioners.So much came up to heal in that session because of the class. I was aware of some stuff, but probably not a clue how much it influenced my life.  I believe it was ready to come up because of the training.  I see my process as layers and layers being shedded and the core of it was not able to appear until these layers unfolded.  I love this work and feel so empowered for myself and others.  I am really breaking free, I know I have more work to do and it is ongoing but I am astounded by the process and excited.  I am really decluttering on all levels.  Just in time for Spring Cleaning.  So thank you again for sharing this work! I really did not know how much I had been impacted.  


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