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ReDivining The Matrix

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Unveil The Deeply Intimate Return To Your Wholeness

Healing the physical body, the Sacred Vessel that we emerge into as we are birthed, will ultimately heal our connection with Source. It is through our accumulated experiences of this incarnational lifetime that we become conscious of our wounds and our ability to overcome and heal ourselves.  In ReDivining The Matrix we acknowledge the clearing process as unique, gentle and loving. 

As a student of learning ReDivining The Matrix you are called to facilitate and witness. 

As a client you are called to learn, grow, become conscious of your own process, your wounds and your need for self-care.

Are you willing to step into your own journey and heal without hesitation?

There are 9 Principles that guide the system:
Divine Source, Kundalini, Divine Source~We birth from the unmanifest into the manifest and Kundalini intimately holds us connected with Source.
Light Energy Field Spinal Column~Our spine is the physical structure that holds the flow of Kundalini. 
Spiritual Growth Resistance~Identifying and clearing conscious and unconscious blocks to break through resistance.
Restore Intimacy~Overcome blocks that inhibit our Light to restore our alignment with Source.
Inborn Pattern Recognition Mechanism~Identify unconscious patterns in the cellular level, in the chakras and meridians and other subtle energy bodies.
Shock~Our bodies cannot endure long term stress. Identify and clear the stress that continues to lower our vibration.
Post traumatic Stress Syndrome~When experiencing PTSD the body thinks the trauma is still present. Bringing to conscious mind will help the body move towards full healing.
Close The Wave Form~When the body is ready to fully heal it is ready to close the wave form or the vibrational frequency of trauma.
Fully in the Light~Returning to a fully restored place of Love and Self-Worth.

Schedule a personal consultation or register for a 3 day class (offered in-person and online)

Return to Your Wholeness

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ReDivining The Matrix 50 minute Sessions
ReDivining The Matrix 50 minute Sessions
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ReDivining The Matrix~ Level One Training ONLINE
ReDivining The Matrix~ Level One Training ONLINE
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ReDivining The Matrix~ Level Two Training  ONline
ReDivining The Matrix~ Level Two Training ONline
Your Price: $770.00
Unveil The Deeply Intimate Return To Wholeness