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Schoolwork Groove Consultation


Improve your child's school performance with this modality that supports academics, and relationships with peers, teachers, and parents. Also wonderful for building healthy self-esteem and confidence.


This private 90 minute session is tailored for the parent or guardian of the child who needs specific support regarding school. The session is conducted with the parent and together we go over issues the child is experiencing that may be inhibiting school performance. The parent is sent a checklist of items that are blocking the child's ability in many areas of the school environment. For instance, there could be issues with  academics, relationships, low self-esteem, substance abuse to name a few things.


Sometimes a child just needs a kick start to get the year rolling! These sessions can be done with the child (depending on age) and often the sessions are perfect with college kids so they may take an active role in their own learning.


Contact Karen if you would like to consider a 1:1 session for yourself or your child. The Schoolwork Groove sessions help parents as well because often our children may experience the issues we experienced growing up in school. And yes, our buttons can get pushed!


Schoolwork Groove Consultation

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