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When I was a young girl, I was often told “You are way too sensitive!”

Why was that? What was I doing?

Eventually, I shut off what I now know as, my “intuitive feelings.” I “picked up” on things with all my senses, but I didn’t know how to filter or make sense of them.

My life changed when a practitioner told me that I am psychically sensitive. I asked, ‘Is this something I become?” He said, “No, you already are.” When he said that, it felt like the Universe placed this blanket around my shoulders and wrapped me up in its arms. I finally felt like I belong here. Whatever this sensitivity is, it’s all good and I am okay. My wholeness was restored by understanding myself and how to make sense of the world.

I use this sensitivity in every aspect of my life. I can’t separate the part of myself that completes me.

My own journey has taught me to learn techniques for myself for my own self-empowerment and trusting in my intuition for what is best for me, my body, and my relationships. And, I see my role as Empowering others to learn for themselves as well!

Harness your sensitivity now!

It will change your life.



  • Master of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Trained in the Magui Block Method of the Family Constellations System

  • Holistic Health Counselor from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition


  • Over 20 years as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in traditional medical setting including the acute care hospital setting

  • Private therapeutic practice for over 20 years

  • Creator and Instructor of ReDivining The Matrix®

  • Conducts classes and private sessions in Dubai, Europe, England, Ireland, Canada, Latin America, Hong Kong, United States, Finland, and Switzerland

  • Certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Teacher in both Basic and Advanced classes and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR)

  • Past Intensive Skills Class Teacher (ISC) with the Spiritual Response Association (SRA)

  • Created and facilitated several programs that support pets, school children, parents of teens, as well as solstice and equinox clearings

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