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Windsor Holistic Health Services

PTSD? Depression? Anxiety? Trauma?

Your past may be controlling your future.


Do you feel alone and unable to move forward?


Are you doubting your own intuition?


Feeling stuck and you don’t know how to get past it?

Windsor Holistic Health Services

Free yourself and take control of your life.

 Imagine no longer being held captive to your past—even if you’ve had years of traditional therapy with little progress.

 Imagine being empowered to control your thoughts, emotions, and responses—despite what’s happening around you.

Discover and unlock what is unsolved in your heart.

Your path of Self-discovery is possible for you here!

Empowering You to Heal and Discover What You Have Been Seeking 

Karen’s philosophy in working with clients and students is to support them with a holistic approach towards their well-being.

Services support clients to embrace their own self-awareness and maintain balance with their spirituality, personal life and work life. Counseling and classes focus on improving self-awareness and establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries.

After years of working in traditional healthcare settings, Karen was led to develop a method of healing to deepen her client’s treatment to help support their emotional, mental and spiritual experience. ReDivining The Matrix® helps to weave a dynamic approach to each client’s healing process on the soul level, personal level and deep within the Family System level. Years of working with common themes in her practice such as trauma, anxiety, depression and abandonment,the ReDivining The Matrix® healing system emerged that brings into balance all aspects of One’s Self for creative self-expression.


It’s time to bring more richness and joy into your life and your relationships.




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