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Are you ready to free yourself from past hurt and trauma? Often we cannot move forward because of some event or relationship that continues to jam us up from our past. Karen uses an integrative approach to bring balance and harmony to your life by clearing resonance with limiting beliefs and behaviors. All of her sessions are a combination of heart-centered, body, mind, and soul work.

Isn’t it time to liberate your fears and what has been holding you back?

Are you tired of seeking help from others for answers?

It’s time to Empower YOU!

You can learn to heal yourself. Whether you are a therapist, practitioner or client, you can take the trainings and use the charts for your own self-care and empowerment. Together we can partner to achieve your freedom from searching for support from outside yourself. Find the answers to your health from within! This training includes learning to work with a pendulum. The beauty of dowsing (working with a pendulum) allows for your healing to be directed from your High Self who guides the healing process in a safe and gentle way.

Various classes in Dowsing:

ReDivining The Matrix®

ReDivining The Matrix promotes a return to your wholeness. After years of new clients coming into her practice who had experienced sexual trauma, this unique healing system emerged. Actually, ReDiviningThe Matrix heals on many levels such as the physical body, emotional body, mental body and spiritual centers such as the chakras and meridians.

Is this training for you? It is if you are willing to take responsibility for yourself and feel safe to be in a group setting that is contained by the facilitator and by the group. The classes are small and you are free to share your experiences if you feel comfortable to do that.

This training is NOT for you if you prefer others’ opinions and desire for them to fix you. If you are not able to function mentally and emotionally you may be triggered and not be able to participate in class.

This training is not psychotherapy. Rather, it is designed for you to empower yourself and will enhance your health or if you are a practitioner, it will add to your toolbox of services for your clients.


ReDivining The Matrix empowers you to strengthen your boundaries. My definition of boundaries is when someone violates or minimizes my stated boundary. Any act that interferes with my defined boundary can be viewed as abuse. And abuse of any kind is traumatic when the person involved feels a sense of fear, helplessness, injury or threat of injury.

Contact Karen and see if learning this course is a good fit for you!


Getting Into the Schoolwork Groove

Train in this system to support family and friends who are in school. It is a dowsing system that helps clear fears around academics, school performance, sports performance even body image. The system covers all the important areas of life as a student. Even current events, legal issues and substance abuse.


Contact Karen to empower yourself by taking the trainings:


Class Trainings ((More to come on this)

  • ReDiviningThe Matrix® charts

  • Getting Into the Schoolwork Groove charts

Throughout the year sessions on a group level are offered such as a Free Pet Clearing in January, Solstice and Equinox clearings, and various opportunities to experience services at a reasonable cost. Stay tuned to this page for offerings.

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