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Sable Our Beloved Shetland Sheepdog

Annual Pet Clearing


This annual free event began years ago to support our Shetland Sheepdog, Sable.


She lived for 17.5 years and died in April 2022. She had overcome a significant life-changing event in her health and we changed her diet to raw cuisine and some cooked liver treats. Plus, with the support of these remote clearings with help from her friends in the animal kingdom such as cats, chickens, horses, and others, she was healed and lived another 10 years.

Based on submissions by the Pet owners, many healing tools are used to support the issues that were identified for the clearing. Here are some common issues that needed support:


abandonment feelings, excessive barking, skin issues, extreme reaction to loud noises like thunder and drawer opening, and many more.


When the session is complete, brief notes are sent describing what tools were used in the clearing for the group. Some of the modalities address the meridians, chakras, physical organs and glands, and systems of the body such as endocrine, respiratory, muscles, and joints.


This session is a remote session based on the Pet owner’s submissions. Session notes are emailed within two weeks of the session.

If you are interested in this free event next January 2025,

email Karen at

Constellate Your Family Patterns

Have you ever observed that there are patterns in your family system where family members say, "Oh, she does that just like her Uncle So and So". Or maybe there are illnesses that family members inherit. According to Bert Hellinger, sometimes we will experience an illness or an emotional pattern to give some other family member 'a place in the family'. By doing this we take on the pattern so that the family member is recognized.


In this special offer, we will focus on a specific family pattern you may have inherited. Or fear that you may inherit. This doesn't mean you won't inherit a disease or illness, but changing your resonance around the fear of getting something can change your outlook on your life experience.


And what are those funny shapes above? That is a constellation (or picture) of a disorganized family system. In your session we will constellate your issue which will transform into a coherent and beautiful constellation of health and well-being.

This offer is good for a limited time

Book a one hour session at a reduced hourly rate of $165.00 USD

After registration, a TimeTrade calendar will be sent for scheduling

Sessions are available between June 10th and June 23rd​​​​

Zoom calls are in Eastern Standard Time

Interested? Click here to register

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