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Consultations with Karen 

Consultation with Karen Kent, MSW, LCSW  

Private consultations offer you a personal exploration into what may be limiting you and your life and preventing you from connecting with your soul purpose. There can be many sources for your struggles in your life and relationships. Your problems can stem from an unmet childhood need, a trauma, a soul issue carried over many lifetimes, or simply something inherited from your family system.

It’s time to become more present so your unconscious patterns can be cleared for you to live a fulfilling life and be a co-creator in achieving your soul purpose!

Select a Consultation service you would like to experience:

ReDivining The Matrix® Session

Guided by the 9 Principles in this system, clearing focuses on restoring intimacy and creativity that may have become blocked by trauma and feelings of shame. These principles focus on clearing unconscious and conscious patterns that help to restore your Light so you may be reunited with Love, Self-Worth and your alignment with your soul purpose.


Integrated Modalities Session

Karen has trained in many Energy Psychology therapies and accesses them along with Traditional Therapy in this combination session. These modalities may include clearing resonance with limiting beliefs and past traumas from this lifetime or past lives and traumas inherited from your family system.


Schoolwork Groove

Improve your child’s school performance with this modality that supports academics, relationships with peers, teachers, and parents. Also wonderful for building healthy self-esteem and confidence.


Please note: 

For your first session, it is recommended you book a 90-minute session.

Contact Karen to book your session:

Whatsapp: 1-609-647-1518

or local: 609-443-8039 (Eastern Standard Time) (United States of America)

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