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ReDiviningThe Matrix

ReDivining The Matrix® Classes Levels 1,2,3

The term ReDiviningThe Matrix is loosely translated from Latin as ReBirthing The Womb.

This pendulum system using dowsing charts, helps to restore the womb of creation you came to create from in this lifetime. Over time, we have either given our power away or it has been taken from us, creating trauma. When faced with danger, our Five Senses alert our brains and we go into survivor mode so we can either run away or fight. Learning ReDiviningThe Matrix helps to take back your power and transform how the mind, body, and soul remember the trauma.It helps you reconnect with your creativity, intuition, heart center, and restore boundaries. And restore your sovereignty!


This course is a wonderful asset to use if you are a healer, a therapist, or perhaps just to clear for yourself. The system has been used for healing in various ways for clearing personal blocks to expression, blocks in businesses, blocks in relationships and blocks for feeling intimate with a partner or with Source. For some students, it has helped to heal both consciously and unconsciously held trauma, create boundaries, and restore the deeply intimate return to their wholeness.


It’s time to reclaim your power and restore your Divine Feminine!


Level One:

The Basic set of charts is provided in this class. This class introduces the concepts of the system and students become skilled in dowsing and clearing for themselves. Each day begins with a meditation and discussion of the concepts on each chart, then students clear themselves after each chart is presented. It’s a dynamic and interactive class and students are free to share their personal stories. The sacredness and integrity of each student’s history is honored and acknowledged. In teaching ReDiviningThe Matrix for several years now, I remain in awe of the insights, transformation, and enthusiasm students bring to the class each day.

Pre-requisite: none

Required Class Materials: pendulum, charts printed, plastic sleeves to hold charts, and a binder.

Chart measurement are: 8x11 inches U.S. 


The curriculum can be emailed or sent via postal service  (U.S.A. only for an additional charge).

All online classes are held on Zoom so be sure to have a good WiFi connection and a sacred room for an optimal class experience.

Price: $770.00 USD        Class times: 9-5pm Eastern Standard Time

Dates:  TBD

Curriculum materials are sent within two weeks of class.

No refunds on curriculum materials. Please see Disclaimer Policy section 7

Level Two:


Deepening and building on what was learned in Level One, students receive the remaining charts. In total, there are about 50 charts. The charts in Level 2 bring healing into the deeper part of our physical body and emotional bodies where trauma may be stored, which blocks healing. The charts themselves cover the anatomy located in the root and sacral chakras of the body. Accessing and clearing using the ReDivining charts will reconnect and re-empower you with your sexual self and your connection with Source. The Advanced charts help to restore the movement and flow of your energy bodies including the Chakras and Meridians. By bringing in the frequencies of symbols, gemstones, crystals and essences, healing will happen and Light gets restored into the trauma points in the body. We will also look at generational trauma and clear any attachment to the unconscious stories that are holding us back from healing.

Pre-requisite: Level One

Price: $770.00 USD


              October 18,19,20, 2024

Curriculum materials are sent within two weeks of class.

No refunds on curriculum materials. Please see Disclaimer Policy section 7

Level Three: 

Level Three information will be available 2024

ReDivining The Matrix Review class


Two-Day class:

Students will deepen their understanding of the system and methodology using the charts from previous two classes.

As students learn in Levels One and Two, the charts are very intuitive and this class will help to provide insight and perhaps new interpretations of items on the charts. Each day begins with meditation and on the 2nd day, we will do a Group clearing. The group clearings help to anchor in the concepts and develop proficiency of skills while using the system.


Pre-requisite: Completion of Level One and Level Two classes.

All classes are Eastern Standard Time and are scheduled for 2 days.

Price: $545.00 USD

Date: TBD           9-5pm

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