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Experience this dowsing system on Zoom. While it emerged from 12 years of offering support for children in school, it actually helps adults in all walks of life in the workplace and in the school of life. Come with an intention to support yourself. The system is designed for you to help yourself, use as a dowsing tool in your practice or use for your children. The charts are not needed to experience these free events.


Events are recorded and the replay will be available.


Next event: February 10th, 2024 at 10:30am on Zoom


More 2024 events:

April 9th at 8:30am

June 7th at 11:30am

August 5th at 2:30pm

October 10th at 5:30pm

December 8th at 2:30pm


Getting Into The SchoolWork Groove Free Events

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