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Level One:

The Basic set of charts are provided in this class. This class introduces the concepts of the system and students become skilled in dowsing and clearing for themselves. Each day begins with a meditation, discussion of the concepts on each chart, then students clear themselves after each chart is presented. It’s a dynamic and interactive class and students are free to share their personal stories. The sacredness and integrity of each student’s history is honored and acknowledged. In teaching ReDiviningThe Matrix for several years now, I remain in awe of the insights, transformation and enthusiasm students bring to the class each day.


This is a 3 Day Class (24 hours) with hours typically from 9-5pm EST. Students will learn to Dowse with a pendulum (if not already familiar). Each day begins with a guided meditation. On the third day, students will do a Group Clearing to help anchor learning in class and using the material. After the class, a Certificate of Attendance will be emailed based on proficiency.

Pre-requisite: none


Required Class materials: pendulum (use your own or purchase from my collection), printed charts (if curriculum is sent electronically), plastic sleeves to hold charts, and a binder.


Curriculum can be emailed or sent via postal service (for additional charge).


All online classes are held on Zoom so be sure to have a good WiFi connection. Additionally, to create a safe environment in the class, please create for yourself a sacred space for an optimal class experience. Privacy is important as the material discussed and shared by students will be personal of nature so having less interruptions in your space is vital to a safe classroom.



No refunds on curriculum materials. Please see Disclaimer Policy section 7


Contact Karen if you are interested in taking this course: or telephone: 609-443-8039


Class dates for 2024:

March 1,2,3  9:00am-5:00pm

June 8,9,10  9:00am-5:00pm



ReDivining The Matrix Training: Level 1

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