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Level Two:

Deepening and building on what was learned in Level One, students receive the remaining charts. In total, there are about 50 charts. The charts in Level 2 bring healing into the deeper part of our physical body and emotional bodies where trauma may be stored, which blocks healing. The charts themselves cover the anatomy located in the root and sacral chakras of the body. Accessing and clearing using the ReDivining charts will reconnect and re-empower you with your sexual self and your connection with Source. The Advanced charts help to restore the movement and flow of your energy bodies including the Chakras and Meridians. By bringing in the frequencies of symbols, gemstones, crystals and essences, healing will happen and Light gets restored into the trauma points in the body. We will also look at generational trauma and clear any attachment to the unconscious stories that are holding us back from healing.


This is a 3 day class usually from 9-5pm EST. As in Level One, there will be a daily guided meditation, instruction on each chart, and a Group Clearing on the third day. A Certificate of Attendance will be sent to students after the class.

Pre-requisite: Level One


No refunds on curriculum materials. Please see Disclaimer Policy section 7


Contact Karen if you are interested in registering for Level 2.  All classes on Zoom.


2024 Class dates:

      October 18,19,20 9-5pm EST


email: or telephone: 609-443-8039

ReDivining The Matrix Training: Level 2

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