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ReDivining The Matrix® Session 60 minutes


Guided by the 9 Principles in this system, clearing focuses on restoring intimacy and creativity that may have become blocked by trauma and feelings of shame. These principles focus on clearing unconscious and conscious patterns that help to regain your Light so you may be reunited with Love, Self-Worth, and your alignment with your soul purpose.



Private consultations offer you a personal exploration into what may be limiting you and your life and preventing you from connecting with your soul purpose. There can be many sources for your struggles in your life and relationships. Your problems can stem from an unmet childhood need, a trauma, a soul issue carried over many lifetimes, or something inherited from your family system.

It’s time to become more present so your unconscious patterns can be cleared to live a fulfilling life and be a co-creator in achieving your soul purpose!

ReDivining The Matrix® Session 60 minutes

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